We have all heard it time and time again. The term, Mombod, is engraved in our heads hours after we give birth to a human being. Though this should be a time of celebration and overwhelming joy and pride over what our bodies accomplished, it can tend to be a time of discomfort.

This feeling only grows weeks and months after having your bundle of joy as you look at yourself in the mirror, or look at a candid photo of yourself bending over.

Mombod Blog Pic 1Our bodies have changed because they have produced life, but we are held to society’s, and our own, expectations to be at least what we were before, if not better.
The term Mombod has been given a negative tone. But, why not challenge and change that to be something of pride? My Mombod is something that carried and birthed a baby girl who changed my entire world. My Mombod fuels itself as well as another human.

Mombod blog pic 3My Mombod can take 4 hours of interrupted sleep and use it to power a productive day of being a wife and a mother. My Mombod is strong, inside and out. Why not embrace the Mombod, even if or when you achieve your fitness or health goals? Stretch marks, loose skin, callused nipples, bags under eyes and endless amounts of sweat come together to create the new woman I will forever be.
No matter where you are at in your health, fitness and aesthetic goals, challenge yourself to take the negative tone out of the term Mombod. Yes, I have a Mombod, and I will love it for where it is today, as well as where it will be a year from now. Mombod for life.

“My Body Isn’t Magazine Perfect, But When I look in the Mirror I See a Mom… And There is No Greater Honor, Love or Blessing”. -Uknown

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