The end of May means we are half way through 2019. Can you believe that!? The end of May also marks the end of spring and the beginning of summer. Summer is a time where people tend to let loose and indulge in things they enjoy. This is not a bad thing, by any means. I am so looking forward to adventuring around this new area we live in. I am slowly putting together a summer bucket list for my family, and budgeting for mini-getaways. I love summer and everything it has to offer!

But- summer is also a time that we have the tendency to let go of our spiritual disciplines. Things like, getting up early to start our day with God. Or attending our small groups or Bible studies. Our fun in the sun can leave us exhausted and desiring extra sleep on Sunday mornings, which means skipping Church.

Did you know that Church attendance goes down pretty substantially in the summer? Again, I am not saying that taking a vacation is bad or that spending long weekends away and missing service is a sin. What I am trying to say is, summer still belongs to God. Fun in the sun is an absolute blessing! Getting to spend extra time with our children, getting to see family and friends or swimming until we can’t seem to muster the energy to keep our head above water are joyful times that are an absolute gift. But they should not come at the expense of time with Jesus, or our consistent attendance in Church. We cannot simply push these disciplines away and promise to pick it back up in the fall. Our faith is not seasonal.

It is so easy to let our disciplines slip away and utter these promises for the new season, or even the new year. But what if we took this summer to change things up. What if we took this season to dive deeper, spend more time, learn more and come together as a community for Jesus? What if we spent a long weekend serving our community, picking up garbage on the side of the road or walking through our neighborhoods picking up the weekly ad-paper that nobody brings inside? What if we volunteered our time at a summer camp in addition to attending one? What if we planned a family camping trip with our neighbors who may not know Jesus? What if the summer of 2019 was a summer filled with Jesus instead of coming to Him when It fits in the schedule?

Let’s make this summer a summer of ministry! Are you ready?

Hi! I'm Alana

Hi! I'm Alana

I am so glad that you stumbled upon Tired Mom Life. This is my small corner of the internet where I share my heart, what God is doing in my life, and how I work to see Him in all of the jumbled life of being a mom, wife and follower of Christ. My prayer is that God is able to touch you through my experience and that you will be encouraged that you are not alone, and you are so loved.

I am a young-mother to my 1 year old daughter, and a wife to the spiritual leader of my prayers. I love being outside, going for walks, writing and being with my family. I am excited to be pursuing this God-given passion of writing and I am so thankful you have decided to come along.


Seek the Lord and His strength; seek his presence continually!

1 Chronicles 16:11, ESV

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